Board Representatives


1. Lori Mayle (past secretary)

2. John Gott, INAAMS President elect


1. Terry Bartturm, INAAMS President

2.Nathan Jennings

Lutheran Air

1. LuAnn McKinley, Treasurer

2. Doug Scher    (Treasurer 2012-2016) 

Memorial MedFlight

1. Rodney Logan    (President 2015)

2. Mark Berger

Parkview Samaritan

1. Joe Ruley

2. Brett Steffen

St Vincent StatFlight

1.Tim Jarboe

2. Tim Lowe    (President 2014)

St Mary's LifeFlight

1. Keith Miller     (Past President 2012)

2. Patrick Rauscher    (Past President)

AirMethods Kentucky

1. Amy Helm President, Secretary (Past President)

2. Joe Michna

Meeting Dates

2nd Tuesday Qmonth @ 11:30 Teleconference


Please check the "SAFETY --> TRAINING" section for NEW Training updates...

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