The Indiana Chapter of The Association of Air Medical Services Bylaws


Section 1      Name


The name of this association shall be: The Indiana Chapter of the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS).




Section 2      Mission


                        The mission of the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Air Medical Services

                        is to provide a forum for the providers of the air medical and critical care transport services.   Our goal is to promote the highest level of industry safety and commitment to the delivery of excellence in clinical care during the transport of the critically ill or injured.  Through collaborative efforts we will promote education and the exchange of information among programs throughout the state and across the country.




Section 3      Offices


The Chapter may have offices within or without the State of Indiana as the members may from time to time determine or the activities of the Chapter may require.





Section 4.1   Eligibility for Membership


Eligible membership shall consist of individuals or organizations that are currently licensed or certified to operate with in the State of Indiana, and whose applications have been approved by the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS)Executive Board.


Section 4.2   Membership Classes


There shall be three classes of Members: Voting Members, Associate Members and Affiliate Members.   Members shall be classified at the time of the approval of application by the Executive board.  Membership classification may be altered pursuant to procedures contained in these Bylaws.




Section 4.3   Voting Members


Voting Members are individuals which are actively involved in the administration or delivery of air medical and/or critical care transport services (defined as those utilizing paramedics, registered nurse or physician care during transport) Substantial compliances with AAMS standards and safety guidelines by affiliate program are necessary in order to be a Voting Member.   Voting Members shall enjoy all rights and privileges of the chapter, including, but not limited to, eligibility to hold office, be a member of the Executive Board, sit on committees, chair committees, vote on business affecting the chapter, receiving mailings, and to provide input into matters affecting the chapter.


Section 4.4   Associate, Affiliate Members and Corporate Sponsors


Associate members and Corporate Sponsors will consist of outside organizations. Affiliate Members will consist of individual memberships.   All members shall have a supporting interest in the air medical and/or critical care transport services industry. These members are ineligible to vote or hold office.  Members may participate in committees and other supporting roles.


Section 4.5   Appeal


Any applicant denied membership, or that has had the requested class of membership denied, may appeal the action to the executive board at a regular meeting.  The applicant will be given an opportunity to explain to the executive board why it feels a change in the action should be granted.  A vote shall then be taken by the executive board for a final decision.


Section 4.6   Certificates of Membership


Every Member of the chapter shall be entitled to have a certificate, signed by, or in the name of the chapter, by an officer, which certifies the class of membership in the chapter.  No Member shall be entitled to hold more that one membership certificate.  Membership certificates shall not be transferable and are current for one calendar year.  Certificates are issued upon receipt of dues and will remain the property of the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS).


Section 4.7   Membership Record Date


In order that the Chapter may determine the members entitled to notice of or to vote at any meeting of the Member or any adjournment thereof, or to express consent to corporate action in writing without a meeting,  the Executive Board may fix, in advance, a record date, which shall not be more than sixty days not less than ten days before the day of such meeting, nor more than ten days prior to any other action, and in this event only Voting Members of record on the date so fixed are entitled to notice and to vote or to give consents.

Section 4.8   Removal from Membership


The membership of any member shall be terminated upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

a.)  The failure of the member to pay dues or meet requirements of the membership.

b.)  The resignation of the Member.

c.)   Their removal of their membership in the National AAMS.

d.)  The determination by vote of the Executive Board that the member has failed in a material degree to fulfill their obligations as a member or has performed their obligations in a manner inconsistent with the bylaws of Indiana AAMS.


Member Meetings


Section 5.1   Regular and Special Meetings


The Indiana Chapter of the Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) shall meet on a regular monthly basis, as determined by the Executive Board as stated in the Notice of Meetings.   Special Executive meetings may be calledfor any purpose, other than the election of officers.


Section 5.2   Notice of Meetings


Notice of a meeting shall be e-mailed and posted on the Chapters website not less than ten days in advance of the meeting to each member, at its address as shown by the books of the Chapter.  Reminder notices shall address the meeting date, location, time and any particular discussion issues. 


Section 5.3   Quorum


The presence of no less than fifty percent of the Voting Members as shown by the books of the Chapter shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


Section 5.4   Voting


Each program shall designate two voting representatives.  Each program representative shall have one vote.    Voting shall be done in person or via teleconference. Proxy vote will be accepted if at least one representative is present at the time of the vote.  No proxy vote will be accepted if both representatives are absent at the time of the vote.  The election of officers shall be by secret ballot.  Counting of the election of officers will be completed by two non-voting members of Indiana AAMS.  If there are not any non-voting members are present, the task will be completed by a member or members not up for election.  All issues shall be decided by the majority vote of the quorum unless otherwise required by these bylaws.  


Section 5.5   Representatives


Each program shall have two voting representatives.  These representatives are appointed by their program. If a representative is removed from the position the program must submit in writing the reason for change and the replacement no later than ten days prior to the next posted meeting.







Section 6.1   Dues


The dues for Membership in the Chapter shall be assessed on an annual basis.  Prior to any increase in dues, at a regular meeting with a quorum of Voting Members in attendance, a favorable vote for such an increase must occur.  The Membership period is from January 1st to December 31st.  Payments will be due by agreement terms.  Any Reinstatement will be as a new member.


Section 6.1a Annual Dues


                        Annual Dues based on calendar year shall be:

                                    Voting Member Agency: $1200.00

                                    Associate Members: $250.00
                                    Affiliate membership: $25.00

                                    Corporate Sponsors:

                                                Platinum Tier: $5000.00 (Sponsorship for 6 years)

                                                Gold Tier: $1000.00

                                                Silver Tier: $500.00

                                                Bronze Tier: $100.00







Section 7.1   Executive Board


The officers of the Chapter shall consist of a President, President Elect, Secretary and a Treasurer.  One person may not hold any two of said offices, and one program will not hold more than one of said offices.


Section 7.2   Board


                        The Board shall consist of two representatives from each voting program.  Said

Representatives shall be the two votes each program has.  At the first meeting of each calendar, the board shall internally elect a President Elect.  In addition, at the first meeting of calendar years ending in odd numbers, the board shall internally elect a Secretary and Treasurer.  Each officer shall represent a different voting program.  Any member who is a voting representative may be a candidate for an elected position.


Section 7.3   Other Officers and Agents


The Executive Board may appoint such other officers, committees and agents as it may deem advisable, who shall hold their offices for such terms and shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as determined by the Executive Board.  Any current member will be eligible to participate in these positions.





Section 7.4   Election of Officers


                        A Temporary Nominating Committee shall develop a proposed slate of officers

in accordance with the charge of the committee, and will be counted by this Temporary Nominating Committee.  The Temporary Nominating Committee will be composed of members not running for office.  This proposed slate of officers for election shall be distributed to the Voting Members at least thirty days prior to the first regular meeting held each election year.  Other nominations may be made from the floor by any Voting Member of the Chapter.  Following the closing of nomination, a secret ballot shall be obtained from the Voting Members present.  The highest number of votes will determine the winning candidate.  In case of a tie, another secret ballot will take place between the candidates receiving the two highest number of votes.  If a tie results after two ballots, the retiring officer shall determine the winner.


Section 7.5   Eligibility


                        The officers must be qualified as and representative of the Voting Members.


Section 7.6   Term of Office


Officers shall be elected for a period of two years or until a successor shall have been elected and qualified.  The President Elect shall serve the first year of their term under the direction of the President, and shall then serve the second year of their term as the President.


Section 7.7   Resignation


An officer may resign at any time.  Such resignation shall be made in writing, and shall take effect at the time specified therein, and if no time is specified, at the time of its receipt by the Members.  The acceptance of a resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective.


Section 7.8   Vacancies


If the office of the President becomes vacant, the President Elect shall assume the office of President and serve in this capacity until the end of their two years of service in that role.  A new President elect will then be elected as the next scheduled board meeting.  If the office of President Elect becomes vacant then a new President elect will then be elected at the next scheduled board meeting.  If the office of Secretary or Treasurer becomes vacant, the President shall appoint an interim Secretary or Treasurer, subject to approval of the Voting Members, serving until the next voting year.


Section 7.9   Power and Duties of the President


The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter and shall have the general powers and duties of supervision and management usually vested in the office of the President.  The president shall preside at all meetings of the members and shall have general supervision, direction and control of all affairs of the Chapter.  Except as the Members shall otherwise authorize, the President shall execute contracts on behalf of the Chapter.  They shall act as liaison to the AAMS Executive Director and Region Director.  The President is also responsible for mentoring the President Elect into the role of President.



Section 7.10 Power and Duties of the President Elect


The President Elect shall assume all duties and authorities of the President in the President’s absence and shall have such powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Members.  The President Elect shall assume the office of President following the expiration of the President’s term or in the event of the President’s vacancy.  The President Elect shall also serve as the chair of the Membership Committee and Public Relations Committee with the duties and responsibilities as delegated by the President and Membership.


Section 7.11 Power and Duties of the Secretary


The Secretary shall keep accurate and complete minutes of all meetings of the Membership and of other called meetings involving the Membership.  They shall determine the presence of a quorum and also shall record votes cast. The Secretary shall report their activity at each meeting; minutes will be published to the INAAMS website within ten business days of the Membership meeting.  They shall be responsible for sending out any communications, will maintain all correspondence, and shall keep an accurate membership list. 


Section 7.12 Power and Duties of the Treasurer


The Treasurer shall have the custody of the Chapter funds and securities and shall keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the Chapter.  They shall be responsible for the deposit and disbursement of all moneys and other valuables in the name and to the credit of the Chapter in such depositories as may be designated by the Members.  The Treasurer shall render to the President and Members whenever requested an accounting of all transactions and of the financial condition of the Chapter.  A report shall be presented at each posted Membership meeting. 







Section 8.1   Standing Committees


There shall be Standing Committees, as deemed necessary, created by the Executive Board and responsible to carry out specific and ongoing organization activates.  The Standing Committees consisting of Membership, Governmental Affairs, Safety/Communications, and Education & Research will be charged with specific responsibilities by the Executive Board.


Section 8.2   Appointment


The President may appoint Committee Chairpersons with the approval of the Executive Board.


Section 8.3   Powers and Duties


Each Standing Committee shall have such powers and duties as prescribed by the Members.  Recommendations for policy, standards and positions may be developed and be presented to the Voting Members.


Section 8.4   Chairman


Standing Committee Chairpersons may serve a one-year term.  Committee Chairpersons may serve no more than two successive terms.


Section 8.5   Meetings


Each committee shall meet as needed and shall report to the membership at each regular membership meeting.


Section 8.6   Removal


The Committee Chairpersons may be removed by the President with the approval of the majority of the Executive Board at any time for any reason.  The President shall appoint new Committee Chairpersons.


Section 8.7   Ad Hoc Committees


                        The President may designate Ad Hock Committees from time to time.  Ad Hock

Committees shall be dissolved when their charge has been completed.





Prohibition of Dividends


Section 9      Prohibition of Dividends


                        No part of any net earnings of the Chapter shall inure to the benefit of, or be

distributable as dividends or in any other manner, to its members, officers, or other private persons, except that the Chapter shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and to make payment and distributions in furtherance of the purposes set forth by the Membership. 








Section 10.1 Fiscal Year


The fiscal year of the Chapter shall be January 1st through December 31st each year.


Section 10.2 Instruments


All checks, drafts, or other orders for the payment of money, notes or other orders for the payment of money, notes or other evidences of indebtedness issued in the name of the Chapter shall be signed by the officer or officers, agent or agents for the Chapter, and in such manner, as shall be determined from time to time by resolution of the Members.  Any purchases, donations or other transactions that totals $500.00 or more must gain Board approval prior to said transaction and will require two signatures.



Section 10.3 Budget


The Executive Board shall establish a budget for each fiscal year and shall operate under generally accepted accounting principles.    


Section 10.4 Miscellaneous


                        All travel costs associated with meetings, incurred by members, will not be the

responsibility of IN AAMS.  Unless deemed and approved as appropriate by the board.  Any cost responsibility associated with the provision of space for IN AAMS meeting will be defined in the budget approved by the Voting Membership.




Parliamentary Authority


Section 11    Parliamentary Authority


The rules contained in the Moderns Edition of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the Chapter in all cases where they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Chapter may adopt.




Amendment to Bylaws


Section 12    Amendment to Bylaws


The Executive Board may make recommendation for amendments to these bylaws.  Notification of proposed changes to the bylaws will be sent to all Voting Members a minimum of fourteen days prior to a meeting at which a vote on such proposals will be taken.



Civilian Oversight


Section 13    Civilian Oversight for Executive Board


It will be at the discretion of the Executive Board to appoint an individual to oversee the activities of IN AAMS.  This individual shall not be related to any member of the current Executive Board.  Said individual shall have no voting privileges or hold any office within IN AAMS.  Individuals such as a judge, police officer, attorney or a chief executive officer would be appropriate appointment.




- - End of Document - -














Executive Board



_______________________________________                 __________________

Fred Craigin, IN AAMS President                                     Date



_______________________________________                 __________________

Tim Lowe, IN AAMS – President-Elect                            Date



_______________________________________                 __________________

Amy Helm, IN AAMS Secretary                                          Date



_______________________________________                 __________________

Doug Scher, IN AAMS Treasurer                                      Date



Last Revision: 12/03/2009


Meeting Dates

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